Happy Summer!

Hi, Pink Door followers!
It’s been a while since I’ve updated here. I’ll fill you in on what’s going on.
We are in the 6th week of construction in our kitchen. A wall has been removed, the powder room was relocated and the laundry room, which was right off the kitchen, has been moved to a small bedroom upstairs-very convenient. The first few weeks we were all excited about the demolition and really laid back about it. The 6th week in, I’m getting antsy.
construction construction2
There’s dust everywhere and we have a make shift kitchen set up in the dining room. There are boxes with all of the kitchen stuff in the living room and basement. We have no running water on the first floor at all. It feels like camping . And I hate camping. The cabinets and counters should be ready in a few weeks so we are getting there. While mostly everything will be new in the kitchen, I will, of course, be incorporating some old stuff too.
The cabinet above  was for sale in the shop briefly last year. It was one of the heaviest things jimmy and pat ever had to move. After thinking about it, I decided to keep in for my ‘someday kitchen’ so I had them move it (again) and it’s been sitting on my front porch for almost a year! I just couldn’t sell it. I knew it was truly one of a kind and that I’d regret letting it go.
My plan is to have this cabinet mounted above it. I found it in the basement of an estate sale. It wasn’t even priced because they didn’t think anyone would even look at it let alone be interested in buying it. It’s the top of a china cabinet that the owner was using to store nails in his workshop. The woman who was running the sale and I tried to drag it up the basement steps. She really didn’t have the strength though and I felt bad for her. We had to call in reinforcements but when I tried to tip the guy who helped me, he just wanted a hug. Oh, the things I do for the cool stuff! The shelves had 50 year old contact paper on them and the hinges had about 4 coats of paint on them.

contact paper
A hair dryer helped get the contact paper off and I “cooked” the hinges in a crockpot to get the paint off.
Here they are after cooking.

I think it will look nice when I’m finished. The new kitchen will have space for my desk so I’m on the hunt for one. I could use this one but it might be too pretty since I’m going for a more “rustic farmhouse” look in the kitchen.
What do you think?
Stay tuned…

“What do YOU collect?”

photo 1

Years ago, shortly after I married, a friend asked me what I collected. She was visiting our new home and after I showed her around, she asked what I collected. I really didn’t collect anything at that point. ( the ducks in the kitchen didn’t count!) I just had all of our shower and wedding gifts around the house but looking back, I don’t think anything qualified as a collection. I’ve heard that if you have 3 or more of something, it’s considered a collection. (Hmmm -do kids count?) Over the years as we moved from house to house, our tastes changed but it wasn’t until recently that I started my collections. I guess in the quest of finding funky finds for the shop, I found myself drawn to certain “keepers” and so the collections began.
photo 2
I’ve talked about the doll heads. I don’t know why I like them but I do. They are creepy and weird and kind of sad because they are missing the rest of their bodies but I like them. Right now, they are displayed in my dining room. My kids think I’m nuts and don’t like the doll heads looking at them as we eat dinner but they gave up trying to get me to move them.
photo 3
My mom has always collected and displayed little white pitchers. So about 10 years ago, I started doing the same. They are so simple but look so nice displayed all together. I’m not picky-they don’t have to be ironstone or anything. I just like their clean,simple lines when grouped together. Once a year or so, I throw them all in the dishwasher. Here they are in this glass fronted cabinet I recently bought on Craigslist. I did edit my collection when I got the cabinet and passed some on to others who like them.
photo 4
I leave my Christmas elves out year-round now. I find them at antique fairs and thrift shops. They are just so kitschy and retro. I try not to spend more than $5 each on them but I’ve seen them priced much higher in some antique shops. Last year, at Christmastime, a local thrift shop had a whole box of them on the silent auction shelf. I placed a bid and went back a few days later and saw that someone had outbid me. I bid again but vowed not to go back and bid higher. I kind of forgot all about it with the holiday madness but the day after Christmas, my husband came home with a box. He secretly went there and outbid everybody and won them for me! Gotta love that guy!

I collect other things-stay tuned for more!

So, what do you collect? How do you display your treasure? And what’s the difference between collecting and hoarding? Is there a difference?

Some really funky finds…

Hi! I want to share with you some of the funny, funky things I’ve seen in my travels. Some are from estate sales, some are from antiques fairs. Most I pass on, some I snap up (like the creepy doll heads- more on that later)




Found this in the lighting section....What?!?

Found this in the lighting section….What?!?


Mel trying on a really cool sombrero.  We passed on it but she looked so darn cute!

Mel trying on a really cool sombrero. We passed on it but she looked so darn cute!


This is just morbid...and the tag says $15 ?!?

This is just morbid…and the tag says $15 ?!?


These I do collect, but I only bought one of them.

These I do collect, but I only bought one of them.


I only brought one of these Knights home with me that day.

I only brought one of these Knights home with me that day.


And last but not least…

Words escape me...

Words escape me…


Until next time,    C.











A little background…

I married my husband in 1988. It was the era of big hair and acid-washed jeans. I moved from my parents’ house where I always shared a bedroom with a sister or 2 to a cute little 3 bedroom row house in the neighborhood where I grew up. And I could decorate the whole thing on my own. We quickly proceeded to paint the living room walls country blue and we sponge-painted the bathroom peach and sea foam green-it was the 80′s remember? In our kitchen, there were ducks everywhere-duck dishes, a duck cookie jar, duck wallpaper border…
Then the babies came- 4 in 4 years. We quickly outgrew that cute little row house and moved to a 100 year old, 5 bedroom Victorian twin in the suburbs. It was a really pretty house with its original natural woodwork. We had lace curtains everywhere and burgundy walls and teal wall-to-wall carpets-all very jewel-toned. Soon, as our house became the “hang-out” house with our kids and the constant flow of friends, we realized we needed more living space than that house could give us. So we moved again. This time, to a house up the street-a big, old (115 year old) 4 square house with 6 bedrooms, a big front porch and white painted woodwork through out. The house hadn’t been remodeled in 20 years so it was like a big blank slate for us. It’s still a work in progress-it’s been 10 years-but we aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.
Along the way, I’ve always found ways to decorate our homes on a budget. It’s the thrill of the hunt for me- how can I find the perfect pieces and not pay a lot for them? Many days, when I’m not working (I’ve been a dental hygienist for almost 30 years), you will find me trolling neighborhood thrift shops or checking Craig’s list for “junk” I can redo into something cool and unique.
We opened our shop, The Pink Door, about 2 years ago. Our basement was pretty much over-flowing with really great treasures I’d found over the years from thrift shops and yard sales and estate sales-things that were preowned and preloved but still had lots of life left in them and I wanted to share them and my thoughts and ideas with other people who loved pretty homey things too. It’s been an adventure, that’s for sure. I’ll share some of the more memorable stories and anecdotes from the past in future posts including how we got from duck overload circa 1988 to opening a vintage painted furniture shop a year and a half ago.

Thanks for reading and for your support of the pink door.